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Elite Dual Surf Rack


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Roswell Elite Dual Surf Rack, gebürstet, eloxierte Grundplatte und Gummierte Dual Surf Tines mit Gummiband.


Für 2 Surf/Wakeboards
Boarddicke: 7cm
Zinkenlänge 25cm

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Elite Dual Surf Rack

Roswell's Elite Dual Surf Rack is a fresh addition backed by popular demand. With our new brushed anodized Elite backing plate, overmoulded dual surf tines (also available separately), this rack holds two surfboards securely with our bungee strap. The Elite Dual Surf Rack is basically the surf rack of your dreams.

Overmolded Elite Racks

All overmolded Elite Series racks are saltwater friendly. They feature a brushed anodized backing plate with black RWA logo medallion and integrated webbed bungee strap with loop. Additional overmolded product details are listed below each product including product function and tine dimensions


● Two surfboards
● Surfboard gap = 2.75” / 7 cm
● Tine spread = 10” / 25,4 cm
● Saltwater Friendly